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American Tourister
Creative Concept. Packaging. POSM ↑ top

Development of a creative concept, packaging and point of sales materials for American Tourister Asia.

On behalf of Samsonite Asia.

Sono Vaso
Icon Design ↑ top

Icons for 6 labels (Evening Wear, Noursing, Bridal Wear, Career Wear, Lounge Wear, Day Wear) for Sono Vaso lifestyle maternity fashion.

On behalf of uforepublic.

Sweet Secrets
Packaging ↑ top

Packaging and bags for a Hong Kong cake shop.

On behalf of uforepublic.

RODEO Munich
Logo. Corporate Design. Webdesign ↑ top

Corporate Design for the Dance and Theater Festival RODEO Munich.


On behalf of Munich City.

Theater Halle 7
Program Folder. Postcards. Evening Flyer: 16th Season ↑ top

Development of a new Creative Concept for Theater Halle 7.

Logo. Corporate Design. Opening Card. Business Cards. Flyer ↑ top

Logo and Corporate Design for IPTA, Institute of Plastic Technology and Application.

Advertising Campaign ↑ top

Advertising Campaign for Kingship, Asian Yacht Builder. 

On behalf of uforepublic.

Sattler AG
Image Brochure ↑ top

Design of an image brochure for the Austrian high-tech textile manufacturer, Sattler AG.

On behalf of Ozon.

The German Mother
Poster. Postcards. Audio-Book ↑ top

Idea and shooting of the key visual for the play, “The German Mother.” Design of advertising material. “The German Mother” has played in Munich and Berlin.

On behalf of the director, Inga Helfrich.

Invitation Dealer Event 2009 ↑ top

Design of the invitation for the Neff Dealer Event 2009. Neff is a German specialist for built-in kitchen devices.

Earlier projects: Complete graphic design for the Neff Dealer Event 2008.

On behalf of Ozon.

Theater Halle 7
Dramatic Art Festival: Poster. Festival Plan. Flyer ↑ top

Advertising material for the Dramatic Art Festival 2009.

Logo. Corporate Design ↑ top

Logo and Corporate Design for Böhm Projects – Exhibition Organisation. Printed in silver and UV-lacquer.

Theater Halle 7
Program Folder. Postcards: 15th Season ↑ top

Shooting and design of advertising material for the 15th Theater Season.

The Cell
Poster. Postcards ↑ top

Advertising material for the play “The Cell.”

Picture: Rainer Spitzenberger

On behalf of the director, Andreas Kriegenburg.

Theater Halle 7
Program Folder: 14th + 15th Season ↑ top

Shooting and design of program folder.

Theater Halle 7
Audition Invitation: 13th + 14th + 15th Season ↑ top

Shooting and design of audition invitations.

Pollok Photography
Logo. Corporate Design. Website. E-Newsletter ↑ top

Logo and Corporate Design for Andreas Pollok – Premium Lifestyle Photography.

Shopping Routine
Soft Cover Book ↑ top

Why can you find a glass of baby food on the shelves for insect spray? Are there real existing shopping habits or is shopping still difficult in spite of acquired behaviour? These are the main questions the book deals with.

An analysis from Stefan Bräutigam, Lisa-Maria Münch, and Christopher Naumann.

Design and Pictures: Stefan Bräutigam and Lisa-Maria Münch

Cellar Culture
Hard Cover Book ↑ top

Stack high, stack deep, stack together – everything is possible in the cellar. The motto is: out of sight, out of mind. Actually the cellar stands for the subconscious, past tense, and repression in psychoanalysis. Is it really necessary to repress thoughts of the own cellar?

My diploma thesis.

Award: Best of Unpublished German Book-Design 2007

Interim Result
Hard Cover Book ↑ top

This book represents a personal typographically interim result. It summarizes the results of a typographic training camp, where practical exercises for the application of fonts and some theoretical investigations were made.

Punx Not Dead
Hard Cover Book ↑ top

To express the protest attitude of punks towards some social topics, cuttings were over-printed with text and pictures from punks living in Bremen. The financial section and the feuilleton, as well as the job and real estate section, for example, have been used as background for this creation.

Logo. Corporate Design ↑ top

Logo and Corporate Design for ITinera, IT consulting for banks and insurance companies.

Profile Media
Webdesign ↑ top

Development of a unique picture language and webdesign for Profile Media. Consultants for sporting associations, leagues, clubs and other sports' rights' holders when marketing their particular media rights.

On behalf of Just Imagine.

Theater Halle 7
Days of Crows: Poster. DVD. Flyer ↑ top

Key visual and design of advertising material for the movie, “Days of Crows.”

Theater Halle 7
Corporate Design ↑ top

Corporate Design for Theater Halle 7.

Logo. Corporate Design ↑ top

Logo and Corporate Design for Bionovis Hygienic Institute.

42 communications
Logo. Corporate Design ↑ top

Logo and Corporate Design for the design and communication agency 42.

  © 2009 Lisa-Maria Münch